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Advanced Sleep and Breathing Centers provide treatment for patients seeking relief from sleep apnea, snoring, and those currently struggling with CPAP machines. We are committed to helping you live comfortably with your sleep apnea or snoring issues. We specialize in oral appliance therapy which is a non-surgical alternative to CPAP therapy. We are dedicated to improving patients sleep, overall health and quality of life by providing a treatment they can easily tolerate.

These devices are small, and custom fitted like a retainer or mouth guard. They work by opening your airway and moving your lower jaw and tongue forward to allow an unobstructed flow of oxygen. They are comfortable and extremely effective. Dr. Horowitz and his team offer a wide range of appliance options, which are then custom fit to maximize the efficacy of the device. They will work closely with you to ensure you get the sleep you deserve!

Benefits of Oral Appliances Therapy

  • More convenient than CPAP
  • Helps reduce snoring
  • Custom-fit
  • Easy to wear
  • Multiple appliances to choose from
  • No cords or power needed
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Little to no side effects
  • Non-invasive
  • Very comfortable
  • Discreet and silent
  • Portable/travel-friendly
  • Medical insurance accepted! Including Medicare
  • No on-going supply costs/upkeep

Our Services

Sleep Apnea Testing

Dentist in Conway

Getting sleep tested can save your life!

If you have already been sleep tested we will request a copy of your test. If there has been any significant amount of time since you have been tested a updated sleep test may be required for the best results.

If you have not had a sleep study:

Advanced Sleep and Breathing Centers work with many sleep labs and sleep physicians in the area to get you tested and consult in different treatment options available.

We also offer home sleep testing (in our office) and will work with your primary care doctor to facilitate this testing/referral.

Oral Appliances

Dentist in Conway

Oral appliances are safe, non-invasive and highly effective treatment for obstructive sleep disorders.

We provide different styles of oral devices customized for you to offer the best comfort and quality possible. Our patients enjoy refreshing sleep, wakefulness during the day, freedom to travel without CPAP and happier relationships.

If you or a loved one has OSA or displays symptoms such as snoring, excessive daytime sleepiness or pauses in breathing while asleep PLEASE contact us IMMEDIATELY. This is LIFE SAVING therapy!

Expansion Therapy – VIVOS

Dentist in Conway

The Vivos® System is a non-surgical approach which targets craniofacial underdevelopment. Using patented technology, the Vivos System works to promote the proper growth of the upper and lower jaws. The Vivos® System treatment can significantly reduce nighttime apnea events without the need for lifetime therapeutic intervention.

Benefits to using Vivo’s:

  • Limited treatment time
  • Safe and virtually pain free
  • Used on kids AND adults
  • Reduce or eliminate symptoms
  • Comfortable and easy-to-wear
  • Potential Cosmetic benefits