TMJ Common Problems in Conway, Murrells Inlet & Myrtle Beach SC

TMJ disorders can affect adolescents. In fact, such conditions are observed much more often during puberty than in the years prior to it. These conditions can often affect a young person’s ability to participate in school and many extracurricular activities. 

I have an earache, can it be a sign of TMJ?

Earache and perceived hearing loss are symptoms frequently reported by patients with TMJ problems. However, the problems may or may not be related to a TMJ disorder. Because of the proximity of the TMJ to the ear, it is possible that joint pain is mistakenly reported as earache. Pain arising from the lateral pterygoid muscle (myofascial pain) may also feel like an earache. However, a patient may actually have a problem in the ear that is producing the pain. 

Is the pain / disorder coming from one side or both sides of my joints?

Most TMJ disorders tend to be unilateral. However, in long-standing cases, since both joints work in unison, there can ultimately also be symptoms on the opposite side.

TMJ Treatment Near Me 

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